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Ordinary Corporate Member (OC) - Small & Medium Enterprises (SME) - direct to EuroCham
This is a 1 year membership - Membership expires Dec 14, 2019
This membership includes 2 card-holding member(s)

(voting right of 1 vote per Company*):

  • Companies with a legal presence in Vietnam that are:Companies established under EU laws,or:
  • Majority-owned subsidiaries of such companies, or:
  • Companies with substantial ties to the EU.

>> SMEs with less than 500 employees in Vietnam and which are not either publicly listed anywhere in the world or have more than 1,000 employees globally or operations in more than 5 countries**

* Only 1 Nominated Representative per Ordinary Corporate Membership is entitled to voting rights

** Corporate Members are entitled to nominate 2 Representatives who will receive Membership Card

NB: Representative offices are judged by their mother company structure and not by their own size

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