Gone Adventurin's studies examined the flow of materials through the post-consumer value chain and areas where the most impact can be made to improve rates of collection for recycling. As part of this research, multiple solutions - involving the industry, consumers, and governments - were explored as potential options to drive further recycling. PCRI is a holistic system-level solution that is being recommended for Vietnam, benchmarked against other successful systems in developing countries and customised based on on-ground realities.

Some key features of the Industrial Workshop on Packaging Collection and Recovery Initiatives (PCRI) system in Vietnam are:

● An industry-led non-profit entity takes responsibility to drive high rates of recycling

● Working with the existing informal sector to promote collection

● Tackling collection and recycling of multiple packaging materials through a single entity

● Driving collection and recycling of packaging materials through a material subsidy where needed


● GA's on-ground research on recycling and the informal sector in Vietnam

● A knowledge-sharing session about various PCRI systems around the world

● Introduction to proposed voluntary PCRI system for Vietnam

● Role of companies in a PCRI system

* This event is by Invitation-Only.

If you are interested, kindly email Ms Trang at events-hcmc@eurochamvn.org or calling 028 3827 2715 - Ext:126



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